IntoTheSmokeTV It's #truckietuesday!!! Thank you to billy_campbell for this amazing photo. With today being the…
IntoTheSmokeTV RT @sectionb10: NJFFS Div B has declared today a CLASS 5 DAY, Extreme fire danger for central NJ. Even though RH is a bit high, winds are p…
IntoTheSmokeTV It's #mascotmonday!!! Thank you to thoma_215 for sharing this photo of his rescue companies mascot.…
IntoTheSmokeTV It's #saltysunday!! Thank you to awilliams582 for this photo of his salty lid. #salty
IntoTheSmokeTV It's #squadsaturday!! Thank you to jnorm1506 for this photo of Wintersville Rescue 1. #rescue1
K7Media #IntoTheSmoke follows two US fire crews. David Hernandez has been a volunteer firefighter since he was 14, lending his narration authority.
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