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Into The Smoke is a new docu-reality series being produced by Dave Hernandez Photo LLC. to promote awareness to the general public of the duties and value of firefighters.

We ride with fire companies and film them doing what they do best-making a difference in their community. From missing lunch for a house fire, to rolling out of bed at 3 AM to extricate a patient from a vehicle, we are there and now you are too. Through the use of multiple camera angles including a “first person shooter” view, you see what they see.

**All Images are copyright Dave Hernandez Photo LLC. Audio used with permission “So Long- Hinge”

Season 1 filming is currently under way!!

If you’d like to help us promote the series, or advertise with us, please contact [email protected]

Dave Hernandez
Sean Crowley
Steve Mathis
Caitie Persichilli
Melissa Storm
Juliana Marchei

Voice Over Talent:
Greg Ferrara

Fire Dept. Helmet Cam Operators:
Jason Ross
Kyle Rice
Chris Jones


Justin is the current Webmaster of the Into the Smoke website and is very active on the Into the Smoke Social Media Accounts, which is why you'll see his name a lot. He is also a videographer and the Director of Photography for the series.

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