Newark 2 Alarm Fire 1st Due Ladder Helmet Cam

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Christiana Fire Company’s Ladder 12 arrives first due at a two story middle of the row dwelling with heavy fire showing. With other companies arriving, Ladder 12’s officer and bar man make entry into the exposure units to conduct a primary search. With the search complete, they start venting upon the entry of the engine company.

Christiana Fire Company is currently being filmed by Dave Hernandez Photo LLC. for a web series entitiled, “Into The Smoke.” Although the camera crew wasn’t present at the time of the fire, Ladder Company 12’s Bar Man Kyle Rice provided the crew with this intense footage.


Justin is the current Webmaster of the Into the Smoke website and is very active on the Into the Smoke Social Media Accounts, which is why you'll see his name a lot. He is also a videographer and the Director of Photography for the series.

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