About The Series

Into The Smoke is a series being produced Dave Hernandez Photo LLC. to promote awareness to the general public about what Americas Bravest do on a day to day basis. Our goal is to pitch this to television.

Lets face it, no start up web based fire series can be expected to film and push the limits of what has already been attempted without being different. Being different is where we plan to succeed.

First, six of the ten ITS Crew members are firefighters. We’ve been in the community for the better part of the past two decades. We are able to get into the firehouses, relate to the guys and tell the story without them having to worry about us publishing anything that would portray them in a bad light.

Second, the filmic quality of the cameras that we use is different than anyone with our intent has tried before. We have to be precise–every time. There are no second chances here.

Early on in our filming we picked up a helmet cam sponsor. It allowed us to stick our viewers faces into the action, so you can feel the heat.


Next, the quality of our production needs to surpass what has been done before. From concept to execution.  Everything matters, including cuts and music. Giving a new face to fire service video. ITS has a web face to allow the fire community to open the lines of communication not seen in the fire service before. In an environment that encourages civilians to ask questions and get involved. Bringing forward new levels of understanding and boosting recruitment across the board whether its for career or volunteer. This isn’t going to be a “come see the series only” site. There are going to be daily updates and new helmet cam videos to be posted as they come in.

Our “Fire Contributors” will post helmet cam video to the site and through Facebook, viewers will be able to comment and share the video. Unlike YouTube and other social media, users names will be present–no more hiding behind a username. Comments will also be visible to their friends via the news feed. We hope that this interface will keep some of the inappropriate Monday morning quarterbacking at bay. Allowing for more constructive criticism.

Our blog will let viewers stay up to date with the series and how production is going. Each of the ITS crew members will be starting to blog while on the road. Currently, we have Tim McCloskey, a Lieutenant from the Kentland Fire Company Station 33 and Don Moorhead, a Captain from the Christiana Fire Department starting to blog about certain fire service topics.

We are always looking for feedback so don’t hesitate to contact us via our message board or email!


Stay safe,

-Dave and the rest of the ITS Crew


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